Artisan Web3 Dev

Welcome to my website! I´m JeanAyala.eth, an artisan web3 developer. I specialize in smart contracts development, NFTs, tokens, decentralized applications and blockchain related technologies. Feel free to browse my blog, check out my projects or to schedule an appointment if you need help with anything related to web3 ecosystem.

What kind of developer am I?

I am a passion driven blockchain developer with a focus on smart contracts, NFTs, tokens and decentralized applications. I have been involved in the blockchain industry since its earliest and have been a part of many projects in various roles. I am always excited to work on new and innovative projects that push the boundaries of what is possible with web3, thats why I´m also a core web3 developer of the FLOC* team and a proud member of the Developer DAO.

What can I offer to you?

I want to build with you the best possible version of the idea you have in mind. Whether it's your own cryptocurrency, your gallery of NFTs, your own decentralized social network or transcribing your business logic to smart contracts.

What kind of services do I offer?

I offer a wide range of services related to blockchain technologies and the web3 ecosystem. I can help you with anything from smart contract development and audits to blockchain consulting and advising, descentralized apps development, DAOs, NFTs marketplaces or to teach you what these fuzzy words means and how they can help you to reach your goals. I am also available for speaking engagements and workshops.

Please feel free to contact me if you need help with anything related to web3/blockchain technologies.

I am not a traditional developer so let's innovate!

I like to make unique websites and apps to work with really disruptive, creative and passionate people, people who understand the potential or are curious about using blockchain technology to have the advantages of web3 to their side.

My goal is to build custom web pages, applications and web services using web3 or blockchain technologies, for those people who make a living using the internet; Content creation professionals, cryptocurrency savvy or companies who want to secure an edge over their competitors using web3.

This is how I work

Close communication

I like to listen to everyone without losing details, we will work closely to make you happy with the final result, and you will be able to contact me whenever you want during the development of your project.

Creativity first and foremost

Let's create something as special as your idea. It is important to show a clean and comfortable image. I will create a custom web design, exclusive and unique in each project, focusing on YOUR needs.

Trust, privacy and security

You have my professional secrecy and the legal facilities you need (e.g. confidentiality contracts) so that we can work with the greatest possible comfort and transparency, you will have full ownership of the project and its data.

Why did I decide to specialize in web3 development?

I got into programming because I was fascinated by the idea of building things that people can use. I started my career as a web2 developer, but I fall in love with blockchain technologies and the web3 ecosystem.

I decided to specialize in this area because I believe that blockchain technology will be the decisive factor for companies or projects that want to succeed in today's world, building the future today.

Everyone is welcome into the web3!

I work for all kinds of clients: people in the content creation industry; musicians, digital artists, streamers, OnlyFans models or adult content creators. I also offer services to companies in any kind of industry. Innovative companies and projects like yours!

Web3 for Companies

Is your company ready for the web3? and your employees? I can help you to take advantage of all the benefits that blockchain technology has to offer. I can help you to tokenize your company, to launch your own cryptocurrency, to create a decentralized application or to build a smart contract to automate your business logic. I can also advise you on how to use DAOs to decentralize your company governance.

NFTs for Musicians

I love building websites for musicians and bands. I love to take every aspect of your sound and put it into your website design. I had a band and I know how important it is to get the message across. If your fans are looking for music, videos, merchandise, social links, and tour dates. Your website will have it all. If you are looking to offer originality, you will be able to sell your original masters as unique NFTs. The web3 is here to help you succeed.

Crypto Payments for Businesses

Businesses need a website to survive in today's world. If you don't have a website, you're losing customers. I can help you create a website that represents your brand and gets your message across to your customers.

I can also help you to use blockchain technology to automate your business logic or to accept crypto payments.

Blockchain Ownership for Artists

As an artist, it is essential to have an online portfolio that represents you and your work. With my services, you will have a website that not only looks great but is easy for your fans to navigate. We are going to use NFTs technologies to give you a foolproof way to verify your art as your own, as well as have full control over the royalties of your work.

dApps for Creatives

I know how important it is to have a good website that represents who you are and what you do. I will make sure your website is as unique as your art. I can help you to sell your art as NFTs, or create a website to showcase your work and grow your audience.

NFTs as content ownership for Adult Content Creators

If you create adult content on the Internet, you are probably aware that you are at the mercy of whatever corporate overlord runs the site you publish on. Having a personal website gives you the opportunity to start creating something that is completely your own, plus accepting payments in cryptocurrencies will help you live without borders.

Use the Blockchain to your advantage, join the pioneer community of the web3

Using the blockchain doesn't have to be difficult. There are billions of potential customers who are very comfortable spending money online, and they just need a little motivation to spend it on you or your company. My ultimate goal is to get people to invest in your brand or idea. I want your customers to have the best experience, to come back, to interact with you on social media, and to spend money when you post new content.

I know the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general can be overwhelming. Give me the opportunity to take care of the technical side of things, while you do what you love to do most.

I will make sure your content or idea is accessible to your fans and costumers, that they can find it easily, and that they can pay you directly in the cryptocurrency of your choice. No more relying on content platforms that take a cut of your hard-earned money. Join the web3, and start getting paid what you and your ideas worth.

Ready to be decentralized?

We were born too late to explore the seas, and too early to explore space, but we are at the right time to explore the web3