Web Projects Gallery

Here you can find a list a some of the web projects I´ve been involved in. These projects includes web3 projects, mint websites, smart contracts development/integration, NFTs, tokens, decentralized applications and blockchain related technologies.

Web3 Related Projects

Here you can find some of the Web3 projects I´ve been working on.

BYN (Blanco y Negro)

Excited to collaborate with FLOC* on BYN, a visionary project that establishes a leading space for the curation of digital works, promoting the exciting possibilities of Web3 tech and NFTs for artists and collectors alike. Join us in exploring the cutting-edge of digital art!

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XmAIs '23 by FLOC*

This is a landing page to celebrate Holidays. You can connect your wallet and mint a christmas card totally FREE!

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BeachCoolers is a NAS (NFTs as a Service) in collaboration with FLOC* team, where you can mint different services related to branding, web3 and design.

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DD Contract Factory

My first project for the Developer DAO. DD Contract Factory is a dApp that allows users to mint without paying any gas fees.

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Starthaus is a dApp developed in collaboration with FLOC* team, it allows artists to own their own Art NFTs collections.

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